by Rosko Taint

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DaP 039


released December 21, 2011


Simon Blackwood
Doc Ra

special thanks to
Body Cheetah, Dr. Jack, Tom Morgan, The Parallax View, Sir Stevie Wonda Bread, Young King Mike Waxx, Medusa Vellante, Jeffe, Dirty Beach Crystals, g00s3



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Track Name: Introduction (feat Simon Blackwood)
Introduction (freestyle)
(…in the house)
Simon Blackwood
Spiritual Leader in the house
Simon Blackwood
Rosko Taint he’s my mother fuckin’
I’m higher than a tetrahedron.
Simon Blackwood where have we gone?
We are based in India.
…comes the soothing love.
Simon Blackwood
Track Name: Burning Alive Meditation
Burning Alive Meditation (freestyle)

1: Don’t yah
2: Spirit Guides says to me
3: When I saw you

N’ how did you make it by?
Did you try to lie?
Did you go face t’ face?
Oh baby, baby…
who are you?
Who did you tell everything to?

Baby, please
Baby (ah) baby, please
Sittin’ on the cliff;
oh how it feels good.
Oh my god there’s an elephant here
oh my god there...
Track Name: RIP Lucifer
RIP Lucifer (freestyle)

Where are you?

I’m in my heart; Lucifer is dead;
Its not happening like they said.
I’m in the moment; I’m in the present;
What we’re living through; I wont regret it.

Satan’s sedated; I gave him poison…
Through my lack of sin.
Baby heal me.
I will kill him for everyone.

Where are you? (Lucifer is dead, rest in peace)

You’re back where you came from now
Lucifer are you proud
Satan’s dead; the Devil’s gone;
and when I’m done and though we’ll be all…

Singing in heaven; creating it for ourselves
Oh baby when you heal me
Track Name: Serpent of Light
Serpent of Light (freestyle)

Artifacts in the vestibule
When I eat my vegetables
Lucifer are you sin?
Can you teach me everything?
When I see you from within
Are you the serpent king?
Everything that I know
Will make you grow

Serpent of Light
In my mind
My Third Eye

Serpent of Light give me knowledge.
Everything I learned in college…
when I graduate; you’ll hear my fate
I can escape whenever I want to.
But if I want to talk to you…
I’ll make you manifest.

Serpent of Light swallow me whole
Serpent of Light eat my soul
Track Name: Lucifer Cries
Lucifer Cries (freestyle)

Lucifer cries, Lucifer’s tears
Will I make it home tonight?
When I’m wandering the streets
When I wander in the streets

Satan’s at the corner offering me things.
I told him “thank you but I don’t need your sin.”
Times a virtue; It’ll go through…
We can make it beyond this realm.
On a level Satan’s crying…
…the Devils lying, we’re high in…
the clouds, and I’m so hearing the oracle

If you’re feeling lost just find the light
Track Name: Mermaid Status (feat Delier)
Mermaid Status

rosko (freestyle):
Polarity get out my front door.
I don’t need you anymore.
Lucfier’s wasting my time. It’ll be alright.
I didn’t sell my life. …didn’t sell my life
In this material world…
I found the right girl

Don’t I, d-d-d-don’t, don’t I d-d-don’t

Doesn’t he, doesn’t me, doesn’t she all look like one identity?
…Reppin’ Triple Three
L-o-v doesn’t need “E”
But, you’re still feeling me at the gate of life spiritually.
But you’re trying to find the key…
Catch me never slippin’, always grippin’, quite flippin’ deep lyricism
I’m dippin’ Holy Water, I’m sippin’, focused on materialism…
But, it takes away from the point of living.
So I stay doing what I can; because I know that we are the real aliens.
Well it is what it is, saying “Killuminati” then I’m back to the biz.

rosko (freestyle):
…Know everything there is to know?
But I didn’t let go; caught up in the glow…
of her eyes. Knowing that she’s mine…
We are cautious enough to find
all the jewels that made us right.
All the times we spent at night…

Got you, g-got you, got-got-got gotchu good
Track Name: Crystalline
Crystalline (freestyle):

I don’t wanna sketch your body. I just wanna feel your soul.
I just wanna touch your soul till we fall in love again.
…Where the roads impload
And we don’t wanna fight the sky so we touch down and build a lie.

All the times we had

I feel like I’m joining a Mystery Cult. Is that your idea?
Someone told me that I would make it in if I spilt my blood in poems.
…Spilt my blood in poem

I got my love, I got my love, I got my lover
I got my love, I got my lov-a-oh, and I told her how I feel.
Track Name: 1964 Disco
1964 Disco (freestyle)

Everything in doubt; how I want you to see
all the friction. When we make…
Are we anything?
Am I lost?

Salvation was a criminal thought.
I don’t have enough of you.
…So I gave it back
When I gave it back…

(still… how I want you)

(…to remember…don’t hesitate…to tell the truths)
Track Name: Nothin' to Do (feat Doc Ra & Ǥõ§ƪõŵ)
Nothin' to Do

rosko (freestyle):
Got nothin’ to do, nah nothin’ to do, got nothin’ to do

Gettin’ on my ship I’m space bound. Sitting down, feeling it all
Space bound in gold; I seek your soul, and I do find

What feels better than the time we arranged all our time…
and sat eyes half shut?
Why do images look so sharp?
Which of brothers road the car to the pharmacy?

Got nothin’ to do
so my mind starts to drift.
Got nothin’ to lose.
I think I’m losing grip.
And nothin’s new, nothin’s new…
Where the hell have you been?
And please don’t choose, don’t choose;
‘Cause you might just regret…
Just chillin’ in my spot.
Don’t be mad you had your shot
I feel so used, so used;
like that’s all that I got.
And I’ll be fine, just fine pretending I’m not…
I had something to do, something to do;
I smoke pot so I forgot!

rosko (freestyle):
Sittin’ on the world
I see you girl
Sittin’ on the world
I feel the world

I see you girl!
Let’s go!
Track Name: Classic Tides
Classic Tides (freestyle)

Sitting on the grass; laughing in my head; I am a whore.
When I’m off and dead they will love me more.
All my words…

All my love can make us right.
And I’m singing oh…

Why did you make it by?
Oh I know why, I know why you…

What I am right now; I am awfully proud…
Satan won’t bring me down.
When I hit this drum; It will beat so loud…
The Devil has made a sound.

All my love can bring him down

Everything I know has grown to go to the highest place.
…With the body lake that spilt the tears down in front of you
Everybody laughs; what can you do?
Track Name: On Your Own
On Your Own (freestyle)

I think you made it on your own now.
Everything’s in the past now.

What is it that made us feel so comfortable?
…Enough to make a bluff; and make time go off.
I don’t want you. I need you.
…to turn the ground into dust.

How could it end like that if you were all I had?
I never stalled to talk, but I never held back…

All my doubt…

Breakin’ up
Breaking up on the phone
Breakin’ up
Breakin’ up
Track Name: You, and My Selfishness
You, and My Selfishness (freestyle)

An' what can I do to make myself just relax?
N’ how can I (just) find the time to myself?
An' how old was I when we first met?
It’s been years and now I don’t remember you.

I don’t love you like I should.
Oh No

What am I now an’ you are gone in the wind?
And, how are your days going on without me?
All the times you told me things I wanna hear.
And again now, you found a place to be near.
Track Name: Luciferian Experiment
Luciferian Experiment

And in the end we don’t always find a way to go.
And I have only but left today.
But over time you’ll crack the egg.
You can make it to the unknown

When you find me here crack my spine;
Say “we all come alive”.
Leave me here, let it go, in the morning light.

Lucifer how do I escape the world you create?

And now I know I will use the light.
I will use my love.
I will give everything that I have.

…In my soul, in my heart, when I come alive
In the earth, in the sky, when we see the light

Lucifer how does it feel when it’s crashing down?
And we have found…
Lucifer- I know how to escape the world you create.